2 Bedrooms Apartments for Sale in Tirana in a brand new Complex in Tirana - Apartament për Shitje - 84 m²

1 and 2 bedroom apartment for sale only 10 minutes walk from Tirana Center and next to Dinamo Stadium. The project is designed as a multi functional complex with a built surface of 181.000m2 in a site of 40,000 m2.

79.800 €

Apartament për Shitje në Tiranë

Key Features:

  • The design responds to a high density but at the same time trying to create an urban situation with a high quality and comfort by providing public and private comfort that benefit the area and the city of Tirana.
  • The project is designed as a multi functional with a built surface of 181.000m2 in a site of 40,000 m2.
  • Project made of 4 parts provides many facilities including: hotel, spa, restaurant, cinema, commercial zone, shopping center, offices, gyms, clinic and auditorium.

Heating and ventilation systems

  • The buildings are oriented longitudinally under the north-south axis, while the apartments are oriented towards the east and west to reduce the need for cooling in summer and heating in winter and thus saving considerable amount of energy.

Accommodating territory

  • Inter spaces between building blocks are designed as an urban park open to the public and vice versa privatized spaces accessible only by residents of the complex.
  • An increase of public space is created and by keeping the distance between the blocks permitted by regulation, allowing the penetration of sunlight.

Greening, Parking etc.

  • Provision of facilities and green spaces accessed by the public to create a retreat for residents, neighboring residents and tourists.
  • Greening face not only the ground floor is designed according to the project but also in the terraces of some specific buildings.
  • Parking is entirely underground.


Dërgo mesazhin


  • 1 Banjë
  • Ashensore
  • Available Parkim nentoke ne residence
  • 2 Dhoma Gjumi


  • 10 minuta nga Qendra e Qytetit Tiranë
  • 5 minuta nga Parku Kombetar Tiranë

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