Land for Sale in Pish Poro Vlora Albania 87 Ha - Toke për Shitje - 870000 m²

The property is located on a peninsula surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Sandy beaches and virgin land. Perfect for a Resort and Marina.

43.500.000 €

Toke për Shitje në Vlorë

The property is 25 minutes from Vlora, a tourist destination hub for Albania and is 15 minutes away from the main highway leading to the capital, Tirana. For those who choose to fly into Albania, the airport is just 1.5 hours away from this tranquil location. In addition to this Albania Estate Group is in negotiations with the government to build a private airport next to the development for private jets. The development will also have a helipad to accommodate those who wish to fly in by helicopter.

The location is within a day’s boat ride from Turkey to Croatia to Greece to Italy and all countries in between. This is a central location in the Adriatic Sea allowing tourists to from over 20 countries easy access via the marina. In fact, unlike other countries where there are multiple marinas, this is the first tourist specific marina in Albania, a country known for having mountains overlooking pristine sandy beaches. Greek and Italian tourists can reach the shores of Albania within hours on their yachts and relax on the beach or spend the day golfing and the night gambling at the casino. This location allows for the perfect vacation destination for all of those in southern and central Europe.

Key Features:

  • 87 Hectares of Waterfront Land
  • 1 Kilometer of Beautiful virgin sandy beach
  • The beach close by Poro pine wood
  • Opposite Sazan island
  • 2 km from the recently inaugurated Durres – Vlore motorway
  • 9 km from Vlora city
  • 5 km from Vlora Airport
  • 25 Minutes from Vlora
  • 1. 5 hours from Tirana, capital of Albania
  • Greece and Italy are a short distance away via boat.


Dërgo mesazhin


  • 10 metra nga Plazhi në Vlorë
  • 2.5 orë from Tirana Airport
  • 30 minuta nga Qendra e Qytetit Vlorë

Kërkimi i fundit

  • image_description

    Apartamente per shitje Vlora Golden Residence.

    Apartament - 77.88

    700 €/m²
  • image_description

    Papafingo Luksoze ne Tirane per shitje. Afer Qendres Kristal

    Apartament vila - 400

    1240 €/m²
  • image_description

    Toke per shitje ne Tirane, Mjull Bathore

    Toke - 33000

    80 €/m²
  • image_description

    Toke per shitje ne Tirane - Tokeper shitje afer City Park

    Toke - 9500

    80 €/m²
  • image_description

    Apartamente per shitje ne Tirane. Shitet nje apartament 1+1 ne Tirane

    Apartament - 49.1

    915 €/m²
  • image_description

    Apartamente per shitje ne Tirane. Tirana Residential Komplex

    Apartament - 67

    850 €/m²
  • image_description

    Apartamente ne Shqiperi, Apartamente per shitje ne Tirane

    Apartament - 108

    750 €/m²
  • image_description

    Vila per Shitje ne Tirane, Shqiperi

    Vilë - 194

    1160 €/m²
  • image_description

    Apartamente per shitje ne Tirane. Apartamente tek Liqeni i Tiranes

    Apartament - 70.12

    950 €/m²
  • image_description

    Shitet Apartament ne Vlore, Shqiperi. Apartament i Mobiluar ne Vlore

    Apartament - 110

    700 €/m²
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