1 Bedroom Apartments for Sale at Paradise Lalzi Bay Resort - Apartament për Shitje - 62.2 m²

Paradise Resort a residential neighborhood is situated in the seaside, in the Adriatic Sea, nearby the Gjiri i Lalezit. The geographical position is among the best in the entire Adriatic Sea, with a distance of 40 min from Tirana and 30 minutes from Rinas Airport.

52.700 €

Apartament për Shitje në Gjiri i Lalzit

Key Features:

  • Paradise Resort is situated a few meters from the sea, which makes it a dream place to spend relaxing moments.
  • Paradise Resort offers a wide range of services making us a fantastic place to live.
  • Designed to fulfill any of your needs and requirements.
  • Our resort meets the highest standards of living, with the most reasonable prices.

Some of the services that the resort offers are:

  • Restaurants. The resort offers restaurants with international dishes and the best specialty in modern culinary. All this is combined with comfortable facilities and restaurants that meet all your requirements.
  • Market. At Paradise Resort you can find anything that you need. The supermarket is opened everyday. The central location of the Supermarket makes it easily reachable from your home.
  • Pool. a modern pool decorates Paradise Resort in the western part. On hot summer days you can spend hours at the Paradise Resort pools. You can choose the fantastic coastline or our pool for the hot summer days.
  • Green space. The resort offers green spaces for all those who want to spend some moments of tranquility. Green areas surrounds every villa and apartment.
  • Guaranteed parking. Each apartment and villa (also the service facilities) offers a guaranteed parking monitored 24/7.
  • The Resort Maintenance. One of the main services of Paradise Resort is the maintenance of all the villas, buildings and apartments. Security guards, cleaning staff, technology monitoring (security cameras) are available in every moment of the day. Paradise Resort is the safest place to live with your family.
  • Other services: Security, cleaning, maintenance of infrastructure (sewers, lighting, roads, drinking water network, green areas, etc.), market, bar + restaurant, playground for children, sports fields, swimming pool, park, parking.


Dërgo mesazhin


  • 2 Dhoma Gjumi
  • 1 Banjë
  • Ajer i Kondicionuar ne rezidence
  • Dyqane ne residence
  • bar & restorant


  • 10 metra nga Plazhi në Gjiri i Lalzit
  • 40 minuta nga Qendra e Qytetit Tiranë
  • 30 minuta from Tirana Airport

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