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image_descriptionMany of our clients have never been to Albania and want to visit to get a feel for the country, the coastline, cities, its topography, and the various areas for potential investment. We welcome you and highly recommend that you come to the country and take one of our ‘Albania Estate Property Tours’ that have garnered many rave reviews from our clients.

We are the most experienced in rentals and management in the Albanian market and now  have 4 offices in Albania: Tirana, Himara, Durres and Saranda.

 The property tour is a ‘rolling mini-seminar’ through most key areas of the country - from Tirana, Durres and then down south to Vlora, Dhermi, Palase, Himara and Saranda.Our professional sales agents have deep knowledge about property issues, property management, maintenance expenses, and other issues specifically relevant to owning investment property. We believe in educating our clients, not applying high pressure sales tactics. 

We look at apartments in a variety of price ranges from 50,000 Euros to 150,000 Euros (or more depending on a specific clients needs) as well as lands of different sizes and finally commercial properties such as hotels. Property tours are capped at 4-5 investors and / or investment partners. Private tours for previous clients, their immediate referrals, or volume buyers are available upon request.

We ask that you only engage us if you are serious about Albania as an investment market. In return, we will respect your busy schedule and reward you with an excellent tour and selection of investment properties.

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