Holiday Apartments in Radhime, Vlore Albania. Beachfront Resort in Albania - Apartment for Sale - 49.3 m²

Albania Estate offers a residential complex in Radhima, a small resort near Vlora City, only 15 km way from the city. This new residential complex is being constructed only a few meters from the beach, for those who want to spend their vacations, as well as for everyone who wants to make this place their everyday home.

35.989 €

Apartment for Sale in Radhima

Key Features:

  • Great sea views.
  • All amenities on your “doorstep”.
  • Distance from the International Airport of Tirana 130 km
  • Distance from the capital city Tirana is 140 km.
  • Urban quality in the beach of Radhima.
  • Only 4 floors in every building
  • Studio and 1 bedroom apartments
  • Underground parking available for sale
  • Bar –restaurant in the residence

Airports close to Radhima

  • Ioannis Kapodistrias International (CFU), Corfu, Greece - 112.1 km
  • Lecce (LCC), Italy - 140.8 km
  • Tirana Rinas (TIA), Albania – 141 km
  • Casale (BDS), Brindisi, Italy - 162.5 km

About Radhima

Coastal area Radhime-Orikum lies on the east of Vlora bay with a lowland and hilly relief planted mainly with olives and citrus. In west part the area is washed by Adriatic Sea with a very favorable coast for the development of sea and sun tourism and for increasing the real estate industry.
There isn’t any sand in the beach but instead there are stones and pebbles which make the sea crystal clear. East part hills are mild, especially in Radhime village area and in Orikum City.

The area is characterized by a warm summer with a favorable temperature for sunbathing and swimming during a 5 month period, where during the summer you can make use of about 14 hours in the beach.

Radhima has a favorable geographical position in terms of what it can offer to a cultural and historical tourism. Standing at an intermediate position on the only road that connects national Vlora with Orikum, Himara and beyond to Saranda, it offers historical points of interest such as Vlora, Kanina, Amantia, Mavrovo, Orikum, Himara etc. Historical data, many archaeological finds, and 19 cultural monuments, evidence that the region has been among the most civilized in southern Albania.

Radhima Resort is also located approximately 10 minutes from the Archeological Park of Orik, an ancient city which dates from V-IV centuries BC.


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Key Features

  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Resturant and Shops in the residence
  • 4 Floors in the Residence
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Lift

Location Details

  • 2 hrs hours from Tirana Airport
  • 140 kilometers from Tirana
  • 15 kilometers from Vlora City Center
  • 15 meters from Beach in Vlora
  • 2 minutes from bar & restaurant
  • 20 minutes from Naval Port of Vlora

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